Monday, November 11, 2013

Life After Death & the Paranormal

Yes I know this is something the entire world debates about. But I am not here to prove anything. As far as
Life After Death
believing or not believing is concerned, I'd say I do believe in the afterworld, the paranormal, the world beyond, life after death. I have no personal experience to back up my belief but somehow I do. I think we don't actually die when we die. As they say, we just pass over to another dimension. Whether or not there are any bright lights, that we will come to know only when we die. So, until then, its just through your own freak experiences, other people's stories, etc. that we get to form an opinion on this subject. What appeals to me most is the idea of 'not actually dying' just start to exist in a different plane. Yes, maybe not in the physical body form that you have on earth, but maybe in an astral form. Like I've heard from other people who have miraculous stories to share, there seems to be no sense of time in the 'other' world. There's no past, present or future. It is all happening at once, just a single dimensional sense of time. You are supposedly present in so many places at once. Now, that would be something! How fascinating the thought of life even after death is! There's so much that the human mind still has no idea of. There's so much that we just cant explain. For example, something as simple as a premonition. How do you explain that? There are so many people who simply get an intuition, a feeling, or even dream about something that they could not have known about at all. And yes, this is something that even I have felt a few times. Something which happened in the future, and I had no way of knowing anything about it, but out of nowhere I get this dream where I kind of 'foresee' what was to happen...and happen it did!! I am sure so many of us have had amazing out of the world(pun intended) experiences. Lets share some of these if you are comfortable doing so. Its going to be interesting I am sure :)

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